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About PAXbaby

Thank you so much for visting PAXbaby!

PAXbaby.com is Davidsson baby #4.5!  Born on October 17th, 2007, PAXbaby has been providing a way for parents to wear their babies--big and little--comfortably and safely for almost five years! 

Jillian started PAXbaby after looking for a solution that would help her be HANDS-FREE while parenting four active kiddos under the age of five!  Her discovery of the amazing benefits of babywearing made her determined to bring comfortable, safe, afforable, and CUTE babywearing options to the masses!  Five years later, the PAXfamily numbers six amazing little ones under the age of 10, and as Jillian has added to her babywearing bag of tricks, she's helped bring that in-the-trenches knowledge to as many people as she can reach!

With that growth came the need for help, and now PAXbaby has a few dedicated and amazing PAXmommies--all veteran babywearers themselves--to help you with your babywearing needs!

The PAXfamily now numbers nine: Aaron and Jillian, and their seven wonderful children ages nine, seven, seven, five, three, and one.  Natural parenting and their Christian faith are the glue that holds this homeschooling family together, and the ride is always an adventuresome one!  The PAXdaddy's job as a stained glass artisan not only enriches lives as much as Jillian's mission to spread the babywearing love, but allows him the flexibility to partner equally in all the family's endeavors.  Jillian is always happy to share their journey and will happily answer questions about homeschooling, cloth diapering, raising twins, adoption, natural parenting, and the ins-and-outs of raising and nurturing a large family!

When you shop at PAXbaby, know that you're supporting a small family business and the work-at-home moms that spend their evenings helping to pass on the babywearing love!  Also know that the products you purchase have been carefully chosen for their comfort, their value, and their sustainability.  We put our heart and soul into this business, and we hope to help you on your babywearing journey!

With much love and *happy babywearing*,

The Davidsson Family