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BB Slen

BB SlenNot many babywearers start their carrying career with a woven wrap, but once you discover the comfort and ease of the woven wrap, you'll be hooked!  An excellent carrier for newborns through toddlers, once your stretchy wrap begins to sag or your ring sling is making you feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, tie on a woven wrap and feel the ergonomic support the weave gives your body and the comfortable ride it gives your child.  An excellent choice for a woven wrap, the Babylonia wrap was woven with a strong diagonal weave that is specially designed to wrap around the curves and contours of baby and wearer while distributing baby's weight evenly.  Dyed with non toxic dyes and woven at a Fair Trade organization in India, meaning that you can be assured that your BB Slen wrap was manufactured under in a socially acceptable context by workers given honest wages with respect to the environment!

With any woven wrap, there is a large variety of methods for tying and wrapping, but the BB Slen wrap makes it easy for you to choose one thanks to their gorgeous & informational instruction booklet!  With detailed descriptions and photos of many different carries, the user manual is an invaluable tool for both the new wrapper and the experienced baby wearer.  Influencing the position that you ultimately choose should be your activity and your baby's age and abilities.  Most of the positions in the manual are appropriate for babies of any age even the back carries!  However, some carries are easily adaptable depending on the physical abilities of your baby.  Listen to your baby while getting situated with a new carrying position!  he or she will make it very clear whether the position is favorable and comfortable or not!


BB SlenProviding instructions for favorite carries as well as other eclectic positions, the instruction manual also features a selection guide to help you choose a carry based on the physical ability of your baby and/or your own physical activity planned.  Get creative & experiment with other wrapping methods that you find elsewhere or create on your own unique wrapping style.  But keep in mind these simple guidelines to keep your body ergonomic fit & your baby comfortable:

Always, always give a little shimmy to settle baby's bottom in to the wrap to ensure that his knees are higher than his hips when being worn vertically.

Baby should always be carried high against your body and tight in the wrap.  No baggy sagginess please!

The fabric of the wrap should always be spread out so that no one pressure point is being irritated.

The Babylonia woven wraps are available in 3 lengths: 2m60, 4m60, and 5m60. What length is right for you & your baby?  That's a tough question!  The shortest wrap, the 2.60, is lovingly called a "shorty" by experienced wrappers and it is thought that every babywearer should have 1 shorty in their stash.  It is quick to tie on in front, back, or hip positions and comes with a separate user guide than the 2 longer wraps.  The 4.60 and 5.60 are also good for tying in front, hip, or back, but they provide more carrying options.   With a larger selection of tying methods, these longer wraps provide more carrying support across both shoulders, across the back & around the hips. Tying the extra tail length an additional time around the waist will distribute baby's weight better and extend the comfortable length of carrying time.  If two babywearers are planning in using the BB Slen, we recommend choosing the size that will fit the larger of the 2 wrappers. 

If you need any help choosing a wrap length, deciding between 2 gorgeous colorways, or making heads or tails out of a new wrap position, give us a call and we can help you sort things out!