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Do you love the support of a woven wrap but also love the ease of a soft structured carrier?! PAXbaby is so happy to be bringing the Emeibaby to the US! Such a versatile and easy carrier to be used by both mom and dad!
 Because the wrap is fastened to the waist band just in the middle portion, you can easily bunch the fabric in a bit for a smaller baby's legs, or spread it out wide to get a good wide seat for your bigger toddler. Perfect knee to knee coverage and deep seat every time. 
Thanks to its ring system it can be precisely adjusted to the baby's size from birth (6,6 lbs) and is continuously adjustable to grow with the child. Once the carrier has been adjusted to the baby's size the aluminium rings on the shoulder straps firmly clamp the fabric in place to maintain the desired position.
 With a lot of other soft shelled carriers on the market for a smaller baby you have to use an infant insert, or adjustable snaps and such to get a perfect fit. I love that there is none of that with this carrier. It is easy to use, light weight, and can be used both on your back and front.
 I love that I can easily use this carrier with my 3month old, and yet quickly throw it on with my 2 year old, do a few adjustments and voila! Great fit with her as well.
 I love how simple it is, and you get the fit of a woven, with the ease of a SSC (soft shelled carrier). I  have used this carrier every single day since I received it, and that is the truth. I also really love that it has a little inner pocket for you to stash your cell phone, keys and/or some cards/money. SO handy.
Review courtesy of PAXmommy Melanie. Click here to see her full review!