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Try a Girasol wrap—perfect for snuggling your brand new babe, wrapping a growing toddler, or turning into the wrap conversion ring sling or mei tai of your dreams!  With their soft and flannelly feel—just like your favorite blanket—and their many gorgeous colorways, Giras are a favorite among the babywearing community!  These wraps are handwoven with 100% cotton in Guatemala using the traditional methods of the Mayan Indians and methods internationally certified for being environmentally friendly and free from harsh toxins.  More of a slinger than a wrapper, come on over to PAXbaby's Ring Sling Headquarters!!

Girasols come in five standard sizes to accommodate different carries and different body types: 2.6 meters, 3.6 meters, 4.2 meters, 4.6 meters, and 5.2 meters. Choosing a wrap size is a matter of personal preference depending on the types of carries you plan on using. The 2.6 and 3.6 are considered to be "shorty" wraps best used for rucksack carries and rebozo style slinging. A 4.6 is a good starter size for an average size adult; a 4.2 would be a good choice for a more petite adult, and a 5.2 would be better for a plus sized adult. If you plan on sharing the wrap with a spouse, we suggest you size up for the larger parent. If you are having trouble deciding between sizes we usually recommend you take the longer size. For Ring Slings, choose the size coordinating with your short size!  If you want to graduate to fancy back carries later on, size up!!!!  If you need help deciding on a size, email us.