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Kokadi TaiTai

The TaiTai is KoKaDi's halfbuckle baby carrier made of woven wraps wraps with a hip belt to buckle and shoulder straps to tie.



What better way to show off your favorite KoKaDi woven wrap than with a buckle carrier from PAXbaby! These wrap conversions come in two sizes, both with attached hoods and comfortably padded waistbands. Available for the perfect fit for your child, the TaiTai "baby" size is best worn with a wee one, 8-18 pounds approximately, The "toddler" size carrier is recommended to use with a baby older than around 10 months and then on up to a 24 months or older if your toddler is petite! One of the most interesting parts of the KoKaDi TaiTai is the scrunchable body at the base of the carrier, thanks to the handy velcro at the waistband; this can be extremely helpful if your baby is tall but thin to keep them well seated in the carrier with their legs in the appropriate M position!