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All the way from Germany comes theKoKaDi Woven Wrap -  stylish, playful, comfortable - everything you want in a baby carrier!  The organic cotton used to make your beautiful KoKaDi Wrap was milled raw in Turkey, and the fibers were woven with thermal machines to reduce the amount of shrinkage upon washing!  Of course, the color used to create the bright array of KoKaDi hues pass the guidelines of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard.)  Sewn in Munich, each wrap features carefully double hemmed edges which promote the extended babywearing of older & heavier toddlers!  The KoKaDi Woven Wrap is also suitable for wearing very young babies which takes some practice, so I encourage you to visit the PAXbaby YouTube Channel to learn more ways to wear and tie your Woven Wrap!  Enjoy the supple strength of the KoKaDi and feel the loving bond between you and your child grow as you nurture their needs through babywearing!