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Sling Exchange

PAXbaby's Sling Exchange

Welcome to PAXbaby's Sling Exchange!

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Here are available Sling Exchange Carriers

PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange is your babywearing dream come true! Test drive as many baby carriers as you like until you find the PERFECT one for your babywearing needs! There are so many great options available to us babywearers, but EVERY body is shaped differently and, much like finding that PERFECT pair of jeans, every carrier will fit every wearer differently! Have no fear, PAXbaby's Sling Exchange is here!.



The short story:

  • 2 week rental period
  • Your deposit is held
  • Rental carriers will ship within a week
  • $10 coupon code to use on next purchase of $100 or more!


How do you get started on the road to finding the carrier of your dreams?

1. Figure out what you want to rent!  Need help?  Email our experts for a Babywearing Prescription at help@PAXbaby.com

2. Scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the links to check out!

3. If you don't see the carrier you want to rent ready to ship, be patient!  You can email us to get an estimated wait time for the next available one!

4. Please note that all prices reflect included prepaid return shipping.

5. Please understand that rentals may take a week to ship.
6. When you receive your Sling Exchange package, please check over the rental carrier for missing or broken parts or damage.  We take much care to include everythig you will need to use the carrier to its fullest, but we are human, and may have missed something important!  If anything is amiss, you will need to contact us within 24 hours to avoid being charged for those missing pieces when returning your rental (missing parts or damage costs will vary from $20 to the full retail cost of the carrier).
7. If you happen to not be home when your package arrives at your shipping address, the 2 week rental period will still begin from delivery date, and you will be liable for late fees incurred should you keep the carrier for longer than the total two week period.
8. Carriers returned with missing pieces or damages will incur fees that will be removed directly from the deposit. 


The Not-So-Fine Print:

  • Carriers that are returned to PAXbaby HQ more than three days (not counting Sunday) past your carrier due date will be charged an extra $15 fee per week per carrier, with a one week minimum. Please be courteous of other renters and get your carriers back to us in a timely fashion so that we can get them back out to the next babywearing renter!

  • Did you know that at the end of your Sling Exchange experience, you will be issued a $10 coupon to use towards your next purchase of $100 or more at PAXbaby (excluding rentals)? Only one coupon code may be used per order.  
  • Please don’t wash your Sling Exchange baby carriers; they will be sanitized back at PAXbaby headquarters using gentle and environmentally-friendly methods. Contact us for instructions if there is an emergency and you need to wash the carrier while it is still in your possession.

  • Rental fees are non-refundable once the carrier in your order has shipped.
  • PAXbaby's Sling Exchange is a service provided for the babywearing community.  Shipping both ways is costly (check the rates at usps.com) and administration costs need to be covered as well.
  • Due to over $2000 of stolen carriers in the last 2 years, a deposit of $90 is now required. The deposit will be refunded in full after a successful rental period.
  • What makes a rental period successful?  2 weeks of happy babywearing followed by the carrier being returned back to PAXbaby with all its bits 'n pieces, in good shape, without extraneous wear & tear.
  • What makes a rental period unsuccessful?  The delayed return of the carrier, missing accessories, abnormal wear & tear, extraordinary smells (perfume OR smoke), or a significant amount of dirt or pet hair.  Any of these issues will result in the lack of full return of the initial deposit.  Fees will be $20 for a missing accessory (strap wraps, chest clip, hood, or stirrups)  $25-50 for extra laundering required. $50+ for damages.

THANK YOU for your understanding of all these details!  PAXbaby's Sling Exchange is one of our favorite ways to spread the babywearing love, and your participation is much appreciated!

Ready to rent?  Let's do this!!!!

*happy babywearing*