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Tula Baby Carriers

What makes a baby carrier superior to others available in the same market?  Several factors, all of which the Tula buckle carrier represent :

PAXbaby Tula

Quality fabrics & materials!  All Tulas are made from exquisitely soft twill on all areas of the carrier that will touch your baby!  The hood fabric is a light rayon that will let in the air but keep out the sunshine, making your Tula the perfect place for an afternoon nap!

An eye for detail and deep knowledge of exactly what a babywearer needs for a successful outing : storage pocket, hood, easy-to-reach chest strap, comfortable waistband!!!  Just take a look at the perfect seams and lines of this baby carrier!  They are ideal!

Unique style! Don't worry about your carrier being mistaken for a run-of-the-mill buckle carrier!  With an array of designs from beachy to vintage to ultra feminine, you will have your choice of style and a way to stand out in a crowd of babywearers!

Manufacturing location!  Tulas are lovingly being made in Poland & Mexico, so have no fear that you might be buying a counterfeit or investing in a carrier made in China; these are each made by hand and machine by workers taught by Ula! 

And lastly, love of babywearing!  When you wear a Tula buckle carrier, you are wearing part of Ula's dream : for each and every babywearer to have safe & comfortable carrier for their baby without compromising manufacturing integrity or beautiful style!

When you wear a Tula, you are saying to the world that you believe in babywearing as the SAFEST place for your baby to be!  When you wear a Tula, you are continuing a long standing tradition that dates back centuries and cultures much older than ours!  When you wear a Tula, you are showing your baby that you respect their needs as a small human being and that you will do your best by them at all times!  When you wear a Tula, you are in babywearing LOVE!