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Woven Wraps

Not many babywearers start out by using a woven wrap, but once you discover the comfort and versatility of the wrap, you'll be hooked! An excellent carrier for newborn babies through toddlers, a woven wrap is a simple piece of cloth that is tied on. No buckles, no rings, just a simple knot will complete the carry. Immediately you will feel the ergonomic support the wrap bestows upon your body and the comfortable ride it gives your child. The differences in textures and weaves are extraordinary and provide a varying experience depending on the brand and style of wrap! Many of the wraps sold at PAXbaby are handwoven and will feature slight irregularities in the weave. These are normal and will not affect the performance of the wrap! I like to think that slubs and slight pulls add to the uniqueness of each wrap, and will remind you of the hard work put into making them! Welcome to the wonderful world of wrapping & the incredible comfort you can find in a simple piece of cloth!