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Wrapsody Bali Stretch

Looking for another stretchy wrap option?  Love your Moby, but yearning for a wrap with a little more personality and a little less stretch?  First time babywearer? Long time babywearer?  Search no further!  The Bali Stretch wraps are designed by Gypsymama and hand-dyed & batiked in Bali, Indonesia!  Soft & silky, just like your favorite T shirt, the cotton jersey fabric doesn't have a lot of lengthwise stretch but retains the widthwise stretch, resulting in a supportive and comfy carrier for a wide range of ages from newborn through 35 pounds.  These wraps are hemmed, for extra support, and have tapered ends for easy tying.  Wrapsody's Bali Stretch wrap is the best of both wrap worlds, leading its title as "hybrid wrap!" With the comfort and flexibility of a stretchy wrap and the strength and support of a woven wrap, the lightweight fabric stays comfortable even in hot weather and doesn't create the  pressure points that often occur with quick wrapping or beginner babywearers in other brands of wraps.